Hello, and welcome, to informationprocessestechnology.wikispaces.com . This resource is specifically designed for Preliminary HSC and HSC students studying Information Processes and Technology in Australia. This wikispace, until I get around to constructing a website, will be a learning resource for Preliminary HSC and HSC courses in IPT. As well as being a learning resource, this wikispace will contain external links to other great resources you might find helpful in IPT.
This wikispace, or wiki, as they are known, will be set out as below. There will be:
  • One Syllabus subtopic per page.
  • Only information relevant to that subtopic on that page.
  • Information referencing (listed as a footnote).
  • External resources listed under their relevant subtopics on the External References page.
  • A glossary of terms page.
  • A @mailto: email support service listed on each page for questions if you cannot find specific information, or if there is any problems with the wiki you wish to report.
  • Downloadable support documentation and syllabusses under the Downloads page.

I am going to try and stick to just the Content (chapter 8 - preliminary, and chapter 9 - hsc). The first 7 chapters are course aims, outcomes, et cetera. I will however post the entire syllabus as a downloadable document if you want to access those parts.

Please CLICK HERE to enter to the Contents page:

Also, any updates or new information that I need to convey about the site will be posted under Site Updates, which a link to will be posted HERE, and to the contents page.